Hajer International Company Card

د.ك 13,000

* We are Hajar International Company for Import and Export, commission agent and commission trade *

You announce when registering through the site to open a file for you and you are considered a client of the company after approval and subscription as a contract and agreement between the two parties.


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We are Hajar International Company for Import and Export and a commission and trading agent

You are announced when you register through the site to open a file for you, and you are considered a client of the company after approval and subscription, as a contract and agreement between the two parties.. It is tantamount to facilitating trade with us in several areas, such as displaying your goods, local products, and others, while avoiding trademark rights or working under commission as an intermediary, which is even offered to us. We will be able to study it from the competent authority and approve it if possible, and we will purchase it or market it by Hajar International Import Company, a commission agent and commission trader, and it gives you the opportunity to agree to display it on the site through the company if appropriate,,, and also entitles you to enter several chances in draws of up to several Times and opportunities throughout the year, starting with its various prizes and also random prizes from customers of the company’s website, which include, for example: mobile phones, accommodation, tourism, cash, etc….
As for the annual, it includes valuable prizes that can potentially reach gold, cars, etc., or up to $25,000 or more in the annual drawing whose date is not specified…and you are given the opportunity to enter it two months before the date, as for the annual, with large prizes after subscribing and opening a file on the company’s website, and this Among the conditions… the file opening fee will be only 13 Kuwaiti dinars and its equivalent in other currencies. The file opening fee is as a conclusion to the contract and to reserve a box for once to display your own local product during the year. The agreement will be canceled after the end of the period, and the winner will be contacted if he is selected automatically. Presenting the award on a live broadcast via social media such as Instagram, YouTube, etc., as specified and announced.
The company does not bear the difference in transferring the campaign or the bank commission.
When you log in to the company’s website, you will be able to obtain a Hajar card with your name and membership number written on the site, and you will receive a link to our affiliated company, which will allow you another profit when you publish the largest possible number through your link, provided that when people log in and register, open an actual file and pay fees. On the company’s website, you will have access to the feature of your profits according to your achievement, promotion and marketing, shown on your registration page, and receiving your commission in exchange for commission on actual file opening operations through you.

– *Example as follows:
– For every 1,000 subscribers, it is equivalent to 1,000 Kuwaiti dinars or its equivalent in local and international currencies, or a commission corresponding to it in approximately the same proportion, and it is delivered to you via bank transfer.
– You will get the marketing link as a discount code for marketing to the actual customer, which is 1 Kuwaiti dinar when purchasing a Hajar card as a customer, or 10 percent of the new membership subscription.
– The maximum limit for each customer who uses the marketing link is one hundred thousand subscribers through your marketing link.
– You can conclude another contract with Hajar to obtain more of the maximum limit with a special offer, or you can use a new membership that provides you with the same first feature.
– * conditions :
– When registering on the website of Hajar International Company for Import and Export and as a commission and commission agent, the subscriber must keep the file number, which is his membership, which will be given to you after opening the file, and you can keep it.
– The number is not less than 100 people, provided that they are a subscriber, open a file, and actually pay the fees in advance to transfer the amount to your account. The contract subscription period is only one year, starting from the date of the contract.
An example of working with the commission mentioned above is if you have marketing to any of the companies and others in several fields in the country mentioned on the site. We deliver it to the relevant companies and we will conclude a contract for you to receive a commission or a percentage of signing the contract.
– You are not entitled to a refund.
We will communicate with you and inform you of everything new via the email registered with us in the company file, and your information is required to be correct when registering.
– The customer must be over 13 years old.
– Subscription fees are not entitled to be refunded in any case.
– 40% of the company’s profits go to charitable works, for information only.
– Additional services will be added to the site in general.
– Members will be offered free special services.
– Hajar International Company will be distinguished in the future.
– You have the right to advertise Hajar Company in a personal advertisement, provided that you use your own marketing link belonging to Hajar Company or link it to the advertisement.
– Make sure you will not lose and seize opportunities.

We wish you success and a happy landing